We are an investment firm operating as a Venture Builder for science and technology-based startups in healthcare and security industries, from MVP to Series A, to create high potential global companies with financial and social return.

We accelerate, build and internationalize startups by providing strategy, business model, technologic and go-to-market consultancies, organizational structure and intellectual property with our own methodology (STREM™) of state-of-the-art practices in risk management, operational governance and financial return.

We operate since 1995 as an ICT advisory firm. In 2015 we turned into a global organization of disruptive innovation with offices in the USA, Europe and Brazil. Read about our history:


  • Structuring the innovation platform with:
  • techtools Innovation Program that accelerates, invests and internationalizes scientific and technological startups in the areas of technology, health and safety. After analyzing more than 40 projects, six startups has joined the 2016-2018 initiative
  • Advisory Board was established and its governance model defined following global corporate standards
  • New offices were set up in Silicon Valley (USA) and Europe


  • Partnership with GEHC Partners and Pilot Lite Ventures extends the reach of the group to five continents through partner’s 52 research centers, for collaborative consulting services offerings
  • Expansion of network of alliances which now connects the Techtools group to 100 research and development centers around the World


  • techtools establishes alliance with GE Healthcare Latin America to develop innovative projects in the healthcare industry
  • Network of alliances connects the company’s ecosystem to more than 50 research and development centers worldwide


  • techtools redesigns the company’s main business focus as a result of its involvement with investments in innovative projects for the sectors of security and healthcare


  • Enable sold to two Venture Capital funds that were consolidating market share in educational technologies and HR


  • IST sales to a German company specialized in Security and Defense


  • XnX Tecnologia acquisition and creation of Enable, a company specialized in innovative education and technological solutions for Talent Management


  • IST Americas, a company specialized in biometrics and intelligence in Security and Defence, launches its global operations


  • techtools, a technological consulting firm, is founded to offer its services mainly to industries in social impact sectors